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We invite anyone and everyone to attend our Sunday gatherings to study bible together.

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Help the Poor

Upstream seeks out people that are impacting the world around them but lack the necessities to further their work.

Save Animals

Whenever you feel low and depressed, come and volunteer for our charity programs. You will find peace at work!

Serve the World

Education is an integral part of people’s lives and therefore, is an imprescriptible part of our Church and community.


Richard and Amanda Blue

Hello, we are Amanda Blue and Richard Blue, a clergy couple serving in Greenfield, Indiana. Our journey is centered around shared love, interfaith connection, and a deep commitment to guiding and uplifting those on their faith journey. As ordained pastors, we bring rich perspectives to the forefront, weaving a narrative of grace, compassion, and practical wisdom. Our calling extends beyond the pulpit and into the homes, hearts, and lives of all, seeking truth, inspiration, connection, and transformation. We are excited to connect with you and invite you to explore the various ministries we offer below.

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 Welcome to our portal, where you can discover a range of ministries that we are dedicated to serving. From here, you will find information about the churches we serve and our personal websites, which feature our CVs and more. We invite you to explore the depth and breadth of our shared commitment. Here, you can connect with our journeys, delve into our passions, and uncover the vibrant tapestry of our combined calling. Your voyage of exploration starts now.

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St.James lutheran Church

Pastor Richard Blue serves as the Senior Pastor of St.James Lutheran Church find out more about his church! 

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